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Working with underrepresented and marginalised youth, our participatory program of music and visual media activities provides a pathway to discovery, personal growth and agency through self-expression. 
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February 27, 2024

Heaps Decent is pleased to introduce the talented artist Crump$ aka Eric! HD writer Santa recently had the opportunity to ask Crump$ questions about his beginnings, career highlights and ambitions.

19-year-old Eric, who now lives in Thornleigh, grew up in South Africa until he was 12 years old. His great passion is producing music, having started his first attempts at the age of 13. Since then, his music has undergone quite a transformation. 

“The first song I ever made was when I was 17, but that was a rap song. The music and beats I make now are completely different.”

About a year ago, he started coming to our Home Base program regularly and he feels that his music has changed there. Now his music is mainly EDM, house and techno. Beats that definitely put you in a good mood and make you want to dance. 

“When I started making beats here, I learned so much more about music. I learned how to produce better music myself and how to use professional software like Ableton.”

Crump$ has released several songs since then.

“I have released 132 songs since May 16, 2023.”

That’s a massive output thanks to an impressive work ethic. The hustle is real!

“Well, I try to spend at least an hour on it every day. And when I’m feeling creative. Sometimes it’s more, sometimes less.”

So he tries to spend most of his time with his music, and for good reason.

“When you’re sad and you hear a good song, music can get you out of that zone. Music can influence us, it’s a very powerful tool. I was very interested in it from a young age.”

When you listen to Eric, you realise how proud he is of his music and how much passion is behind it. The highlights of his music career so far include a successful TikTok video with one of his favourite songs “FUFM”. 

“The inspiration for this song came from people who illegally started their own radio stations. So the fact that the song was played on the radio is pretty cool. Back then, drum and bass wasn’t played on the radio. And this song is mainly drum and bass.”

But the young artist doesn’t just make music. In addition to his two jobs, he spends his free time studying business, listening to podcasts, spending time with friends and recently started learning to DJ at Heaps Decent. However, his main goal is to earn his income with music and to help other people with his music.

“The biggest dream I have with music is to start my own record label.” 

We are happy to continue supporting him on his way there and are excited to see how the fun-loving Crump$ aka Eric will develop!

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