Heaps Decent is an Australian organisation empowering young people through skills building, cultural access and creativity. 

Working with underrepresented and marginalised youth, our participatory program of music and visual media activities provides a pathway to discovery, personal growth and agency through self-expression. 
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January 31, 2013

At the end of 2012, big bad Boz and myself ventured out to the south-west of Sydney for the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre Outreach Program. We were the music portion of a week-long program for local teens in the area who were ear-marked to have a bit of creative talent.

What an understatement.

The music that the guys wrote together was exceptional, ranging from slow jams to techno to reggae to dubstep. What’s more, they could almost all sing and/or play guitar. I’ve never seen Boz look so talentless.

We were lucky enough to have a sneak peak at their paintings as well (they had completed these in another part of the workshops) and it was pretty clear to see these guys had a lot going for them.

Watch out Newtown, Sydney could well have a new artistic hub.

– Joyride

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