Heaps Decent is an Australian organisation empowering young people to express their creativity through music and multi-media.
We increase arts access and opportunity, providing mobile and online production resources and collaboration with professional artists. We support the development of exciting new work with a unique identity. 
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June 25, 2013



Woo! Last weeks Home Base delivered us an exciting new friend. All the way from the Big Apple, New York City, we were paid a visit by Branchez who was performing shows all around Australia.

Branchez put some of his signature beats on a cool new indie track with the lovely Tasha Lee Marshall, whilst a collaboration with rapper Fowl Murk inspired some awesome new lyrics.

Brachez said of his experience that it was incredibly rewarding to work with the kids and that he wished he could be around to facilitate workshops more often. Does this mean you’ll be coming back? We sure hope so….


Words: Erin

Photos: Shantan

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