Heaps Decent is an Australian organisation empowering young people through skills building, cultural access and creativity. 

Working with underrepresented and marginalised youth, our participatory program of music and visual media activities provides a pathway to discovery, personal growth and agency through self-expression. 
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May 31, 2012

Our regular Monday session at Redfern Community Centre have been running really well over the last few months. There have been two amazing shows which the guys have performed at and many great original tracks made. This week we were able to treat the guys to something special. It couldn’t have come much more special than having 5 time world champion DJ and producer DJ Craze, along side world renowned house music producer Codes, coming down to show the guys some skills and help them with some beats

DJ Craze and Codes got straight to it producing a original beat for the guys and within half an hour had not just the students watching but most of the facilitators having a look over their shoulders. Two of the regular attendees (and guys who you would have heard of before from these pages) Fowl Murk and Adam aka The Terrible Twins got their raps ready and started trying them over the beat.

Before they jumped into the studio to record there was no way we weren’t going to ask DJ Craze if he wouldn’t mind putting on a little DJ show for us all, and I really mean for us all, facilitators, staff from the centre and the students. Craze showed us the skills that won him the World DJ Championships so many times, scratching and juggling his way through a lengthly demo. Then a few of the guys got up, Tasha and Mark, and he showed them some of his scratch tricks. Codes jumped on at the end to give the guys one last scratch show just in case they hadn’t had their fix, and by the looks of it they very much enjoyed another five minutes of his impressive skills.

It was then back into the studio where the Terrible Twins got to it. The speed of Adam’s raps had the our guest pretty impressed and as always Fowl’s flow was tight as ever. Everyones heads were bouncing in the studio on the playbacks. They finished a whole song with Craze and Codes taking it home to work on through the night to give it a final shine.

A massive thanks to DJ Craze and Codes for coming out and sharing their talents with us. The guys were really stoked that you guys took out the time to come seen them and trust me the facilitators didn’t mind it either. We can’t wait to hear the finished song and be sure we will be posting it as soon as we get it!

A huge thanks also to Archery Club, who approached us about bringing Craze and Codes down to a workshop.

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