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Wagga Sessions – October

November 22, 2011

As super-producer Adam Bozzetto will be quick to tell you, Wagga Wagga always provides a large cross-section of budding rappers champing at the bit to hop on the mic and record some flames. Our last trip proved to be no exception. We flew in on Tuesday morning and made our way straight to the Riverina Juvenile Justice Centre, where the boys were eager as ever to record raps and tap out some beats. It’s great to see how willing to participate the boys are, as well as how high the quality is of what they record.

This trip saw us squeezing in a bit more than normal as we ventured to reach out to more parts of Wagga. We visited the community centres in Tolland and Ashmont and met a great bunch of kids that were very excited about flexing their skills on the mic. I think that with more trips we could easily see Australia’s next Drapht or (god forbid) 360 come from these parts!

Adam and I also made our regular pilgrimage to the Riverina Community Centre, where they have a great studio set up and regular groups that come and get involved in recording and DJing. Overall, it was a very successful trip, with Adam and I leaving with more tracks recorded than any previous trip, and a large number of young Wagganians looking forward to our next sojourn to the Riverina district

Words by Joyride

Pictures by Adam Bozzetto

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