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Jeremy and Tom

June 28, 2011

Jeremy and Tom working on a track

Jeremy, Pipemix of Sydney’s Generic Collective, has been coming along to help out on a weekly basis at Heaps Decent’s “Home Base” workshops at the Redfern Community Centre. Here’s what he has to say about it (oh, and the original chord progression sounded nothing like Barbra Streisand, just sayin’):

“The Home Base workshops have been a melting pot of unique talent and style that have showcased Heaps Decent’s young guns and Australia’s potential future of music. I’ve been working with one talent in particular; the dubsteppin’, metal lovin’, bush doofin’ Tom.

Tom has developed a passion for the increasingly popular genre of dubstep, and with the abundance of dubstep at this year’s Parklife it looks like he’s about to ride the proverbial wave that is now associated with that unmistakeable wobbly / crunchy aural aesthetic.

Coming into the workshops with little musical experience, Tom quickly flourished in the world of Ableton with guidance from myself (at Home Base) and from Adam Maggs of LiveSchool (outside of Home Base). Boz and Charlie got the ball rolling with a chord progression that resembled that of the one featured in ‘Barbra Streisand’. After listening to the same 3 note hook for weeks on end, Tom and I decided that its time was over. Tom began altering the notes and came up with a hook that is the perfect blend of subtle and sinister – if only he would record the devilish ‘Ohhh-kayy’ sample that he’s been describing for the past month!

What has resulted is a banger of a tune that is sure to bust subs ‘n’ heads. Big H of Stunna Set has since laid some killah vocals that will hopefully see the light of day on an alternate version of the track.

This new version of the track that Tom has come up with is testament to the talent that these guys (and girls) at Home Base have. Hopefully everyone can hear their finished products soon!”

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