Heaps Decent is an Australian based dynamic arts organisation working with young people & emerging artists from diverse communities, providing a means by which they can tell their story in their own way. Heaps Decent supports change, positive futures & the development of high quality Australian music with a unique identity.
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Leah Fraser

September 19, 2017

Sydney-based artist Leah Fraser creates lyrical paintings and ceramics that engage with history, magic and the unknown in their metaphorical visualisation of the “waters of life”.  Drawing inspiration from folk mythologies, diverse cultures and children’s tales, Fraser’s paintings depict shaman-like characters travelling through mystic lands in search of spiritual metamorphosis. Decorated in ritualistic clothing and plants in a ceremonial splendour, the figures have a deep respect for and understanding of the natural world, prompting the viewer to contemplate their own (dis)connection with nature. The artist’s ceramic works physically invoke the world that that these spiritual beings inhabit, with votive figures and ‘magic bottles’ embodying objects of worship or items that might fill a magicians apothecary.  



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