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February 26, 2014

JuniperinaImage via instagram.com/heapsdecent

Last Thursday Stu Turner and I took new Heaps Decent facilitator Dutch (Daniel Vukko) out to both Reiby boys’ and Juniperina girls’ Juvenile Justice Centres for his Juvi workshop debut. It’s always an early start but we made the most of the time on the drive to give Daniel the heads up on how the sessions usually run and what to expect.

First stop Reiby: It took a little while to get some lyrics happening as some of the newer boys were determined to convince us that you can only rap with swear words! Dutch and I slowly demonstrated how that wasn’t true at all and it lead to some great raps about the ocean, sea creatures and holidays.

Last stop Juniperina: There are still a few girls that we worked with last year at Juniperina so it meant they already knew what we did and straight away split up into 2 workstations with myself and Dutch, and then Stu other the other side of the room. Stu started a beat with some singing and I managed to finish a whole song with the help of lyric master Dutch.

Successful day all-round!

Words/Photo: Kristy Peters


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