Heaps Decent is an Australian organisation empowering diverse young people to express their creativity through music and multi-media. We support engagement for change, positive futures  & the development of high quality content  with a unique identity.
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April 9, 2013

For the past 8 weeks a group of Heaps Decent producers Adam Bozzetto, Kristy Lee and me (Stu Turner) have been visiting Reiby and Juniperina Juvenile Justice Centers doing our usual music workshops, where we made several great little tracks with the girls and boys.

This year, the project grew to include a visual art aspect, which saw Georgia Perry and Sarah Emery imparting their incredible multimedia art skills on the intrigued participants. Engaging in art activities such as stop-motion animation and making crazy monster costumes, the kids at both centres were stimulated by art and music and it was great to see both come together.

The visits have been really productive with everyone keen to get involved and we’ve ended up with a great bunch of tracks and an awesome little animation/short film. To wrap up the term we’ve put together a behind-the-scenes of a day in the life of a Heaps Decent Facilitator….

Words: Stu Turner

Video: Kristy Lee

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