Heaps Decent is an Australian organisation empowering diverse young people to express their creativity through music and multi-media. We support engagement for change, positive futures  & the development of high quality content  with a unique identity.
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July 16, 2011

Heaps Decent runs a weekly workshop with the young people of Key College in Redfern, a private College run by Youth Off The Streets that provides education for young people without stable housing. Heaps Decent have been leading weekly music workshops at Key College since 2008.

Key College is an accredited independent High School (operating under the auspice of Youth Off the Streets) catering to young people without stable accommodation.  Students have experienced substantially disrupted schooling and have high support needs in the areas of homelessness, addiction and abuse.

The program responds to the need for disadvantaged young people to engage in activities that are meaningful to them, where they can drive, own and take pride in their communities and themselves.  The lessons encourage students to express themselves in positive and constructive ways adding to their individual growth and achievement while building their skills and confidence. The program has proven to be extremely engaging and rewarding for students. Young people who are engaged and focused can contribute a great deal to their communities, overcoming and reducing the impacts of poverty, abuse, addiction, and exclusion.

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  • Address: 107 Redfern St, Redfern 2016
  • PO Box: PO Box 213 Darlinghurst NSW 1300
  • Phone: 0437 978 813