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Pablo Calamari’s Remix of ‘We’re Going to Lomandra’

September 2, 2010

Lomandra – We’re Going To Lomandra (Pablo Calamari Remix) by Heaps Decent


Here it is, the last of our free remix downloads for the week. We had Toni Toni Lee’s remix of ‘Miimali Gang Stars’ on Wednesday, yesterday The Aston Shuffle gave us their remix of ‘Late Night’ and today we’re ending on a bouncy note…

Pablo Calamari is our good friend. You might know him better as one half of the club duo Act Yo Age, or maybe by his old alias Elroy. The dude is a club veteran and he has brought all of his wisdom to his remix of The Lomandra Crew’s “We’re Going To Lomandra”. This percussion heavy, tropical BEAST is perfect for getting that crowd moving. Hopefully they’ll join in with the lyrics too (“Ay! Ay! What’s your name?”)!

Download the track for free from the Soundcloud link above and learn it back to front before you head to the HEAPS DECENT SPRING PARTY tonight and hear Pablo Calamari drop it in his set! Don’t have a ticket yet? Buy one (or ten!) HERE.







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